Getting Rid of Forehead Frown Lines

Contrary to its name, frown lines are not caused by frowning alone. In medicine, we know them as Glabellar Lines. These lines appear when the skin on the forehead ages. During ageing, that skin loses collagen and elastin. They are the hormones responsible for the smoothness and firmness of the skin.

Other Things That Can Cause Frown Lines


Stress happens when there’s discomfort or excessive strain on the mind or body. Through an involuntary act, the facial nerves start to constrict. The face tightens and wrinkles start to appear. Constant stress is a definite trigger for frown lines.


During smoking, the smoker performs repeated mouth movements. This can cause lines at the mouth edges. Smoking increases premature ageing. The smoke inhaled constricts blood vessels, leading to more wrinkles. Once the veins and arteries narrow, less oxygen gets to the skin tissue. This will cause skin lines.

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